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Droplet on branch end forms, as misty vapour gathers around.

Clings to bark and leaf, creeping down. Stealthily linking, gravity assisted.

Branch tip catches moving liquid. 


Teardrop hangs. Grows. Extending, stretching, until….

It lets go. Falling down. Smashing open on grassy ground.

Released for root growth. Plant health.


And so, it is with tears. 

The mist of grief and sadness, longing and loss swirl inside.

Clinging, joining, rising, distilling into eyes.

Swelling into droplets, releasing down cheek, emptying the well within.

I must allow this liquid journey.

It makes Space.

Space for joy, for newness, for lightness.

I travel more feely, open to new love…

And the cycle continues.


Wherever love emerges, grief comes too. Eventually. Woven together. Both/And.

This filling and emptying, sometimes simultaneously, is our body of water. 

Ebbing and flowing.

Kept fresh and sparkling with movement.

To hold-in the tears. Prevent the emptying. Is to stagnate, to block up.

Pressure grows as filling continues, tears depressed, sadness contained. 

Allow the liquid journey. Pause when emptied. Feel the lightness, be not afraid.

The filling has already begun.

Shannon Mawdsley 


…to orphan, widow, stranger.

Making space for the wounded, the seeking, the lonely, the lost.

Space of flourishing, struggle, surrender, life;

unexpected, surprising.

Old skin sloughs off, left behind, clinging to tree.

New soul-knowing, drying in sun.

Stretched out, expanding, strengthening.

Ready for flight, adventure, risk.


Breathe in, breathe out




No rush to leave


Enjoy the new


Inhabit the expansiveness




Welcome Home. 


Shannon Mawdsley

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