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Workshops & Retreats

All Workshops and Retreats are custom-designed to meet your needs and can be held at

Peacemakers Retreat Center (subject to availability) Click for More Info

Read below to discover Workshops & Retreats that I have facilitated.


From Fledgling to Flying

Joy, expansion, adventure, freedom, fun – all ways of sustaining us, and often diminishing with the weight of work and life. We can get stuck knowing there is more, and not being able to step into it... much like a fledgling perched on the edge of the nest, needing to fly but hesitating to launch into the unknown. Afraid of the risk but needing to leave for its growth and to discover the exhilaration of soaring.
This experiential workshop is designed to help you identify what keeps you on the edge of the nest and how to launch out
and soar into a more life-giving way of being.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Bring your team, or your friends and family, to discover how you are wired, appreciate your differences, and learn how to complement each other.

This Workshop can also include how your type most easily makes spiritual connections in the Christian contemplative tradition.


Living Your Best Life

Stepping into our unique way of being in the world can be daunting. Each of us is wired to express the beauty, love, and grace of God in a particular way.

In this Workshop we explore our values and how to live out of them. We unpack five principles to live the way of Jesus, alongside five values to grow resilience. These tools

help you to be a contemplative-in-action, empowered by the Spirit to experience God's love and live it out in our world.



I work with you to collaboratively decide a theme and approach that best suits your group. I like to incorporate fun and activity as well as rest and relaxation and can use poetry, music and nature. Material from any of my workshops can be woven into a retreat. 

Activities include meditative silence, walking the labyrinth, craft activities, hotpools, beach visit, spoken prayer, outdoor fire, picnic, sharing times.


Just letting you know that we LOVED our retreat this weekend with you at Peacemaker's!

THANK YOU for making it such a special and sacred space for everyone. The mums and I in the group are especially grateful. (!!!)  It was such a lovely time--- God was so present, and you curated an inviting, warm, hospitable, and curious presence. 

Rachel, St James Anglican

bird in flight2.JPEG

"Absolutely loved it- beautiful environment to just "BE" - food was delicious, loved connecting with all the women, very keen to spend the whole weekend next retreat!"

"Loved it" 

"It was such a special place to connect."

Participants from St James Anglican

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